About Span Trust

The Span Trust seeks to fund projects by awarding grants between £5,000 and £20,000 that will alleviate poverty, disability, age or ill health, and advance urban regeneration through the improvement of the built environment. We offer grants to both registered and exempt charities.

The Trust was founded and registered as a UK Charity by Sandy Valik and Monty Gershon. It is ultimately funded from the profits of The Span Group; a design and architecture property investment firm in North West London.

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Our Objectives

  1. To advance urban regeneration through the improvement of the built environment in areas of social and economic deprivation, in particular through the provision, maintenance or improvement of public amenities for the benefit of the local community
  2. To relieve poverty, disability, age or ill health through the carrying out of or provision of support for building projects which alleviate the charitable needs of the individuals, those who care for them and their dependents
  3. To provide public recreational space of facilities for the benefit of the local community and to provide assistance to schools, hospitals, care homes and other institutions furthering charitable purpose
  4. Such other exclusively charitable purposes as the trustees see fit such as advancing and supporting the fine arts

Funding Timetable

The Trust accepts applications twice annually

Deadline 1: 11.59pm on the last Friday of January

Trustees will meet at the end of February and applicants will be notified shortly after

Deadline 2: 11.59pm on the last Friday of June

Trustees will meet at the end of July and applicants will be notified shortly after


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Sandy Valik

Alexander Valik served in the IDF Paratroopers for 5 years as an officer before studying architecture in Israel. From there he moved to London, working at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Since 1989 he was involved at Directors level in various property companies. He served as Property Executive to EAA International where he was responsible for all aspects of property acquisition, finance and development. Then went onto establish Span Group Limited with his partner Monty Gershon in 1998, and for the last 18 years Alexander has been serving as the managing director of Span Group Limited as well as numerous other private limited companies. He has extensive experience and particular expertise in Real Estate Development, Project Planning, Management, Property Investment, Business Strategy and Urban Redevelopment.

Monty Gershon

Monty Gershon was born in England. He trained as a Furniture Designer and has a background in industrial and interior design. He worked with other designers bringing their ideas and products to market. Between 1992 and 1998, he served as a non-executive director at Case & Sons which was later sold to Unigate Plc. During that time, he also founded Sparkwell Properties Limited, a private company specialising in property development and investment. In 1998, he alongside Alexander Valik, formed Span Group Limited and is currently a director, along with a number of other real-estate companies. Outside of work, he is a keen triathlete and skier.


Martin Rose

Martin Rose studied Estate Management at Reading University in 1976. After eight years working as a chartered surveyor in two professional practices specialising in agency and investment, he formed Sky Group of Companies plc, a property development and investment Company, with his brother, John. He continues to work there. He is a trustee of the Rose Foundation, which provides donations towards small London based building projects for the benefit of registered charities.

Michael Goldberger

Michael Goldberger studied Economics and Politics at the University of Bradford. Before joining Bank Leumi plc, he attained a masters in Finance Strategy. From 1982-1999 he was the Head of Property Lending at Bank Leumi UK plc. He then assumed a position at Pearl & Coutts Limited (Strucadene Limited) where he has been serving as Managing Director for the last 18 years.